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Webinar: 27Answers to Fix Your Social Media

Webinar: 27Answers to Fix Your Social Media


  • $ 27.00

We've been here before -- land of opportunity. This time around, success defined by mobile abilities. From local to global, entrepreneurs enjoying their abilities to attract customers and find their niche in a gig economy. Have smart phone and greater understanding of social media -- have customers.

Social media not just for selfies. Smart phones not just for text.  Combine the two and become the Uber of your industry. 

Joins #27Answers is this weekly webinar, Wednesdays 7PM ET, for on-going presentations and group learning with interactive discussions and live demonstrations to begin using social media for business or to fix your social media if moving from consumer to creative.

Includes 27 minute presentation followed by live Q&A and demonstrations.  Use time on webinar to learn to implement strategies on top platforms and apps.

Topics may cover but not limited to:

  • Products & Platforms
  • Tools in Timelines
  • Creating for Customers

Price: $54 | Duration 54 Minutes

Includes complimentary ebook.

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