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27 Answers Summer Business Camp | June 26th

27 Answers Summer Business Camp | June 26th


  • $ 54.00

We're half way through 2016.  We hear you loud and clear.  You asked for a summer refresher course of 27Answers -- well here it is -- 27Answers Summer Business Camp

From social media to beyond branding, change is upon us.  If using social media for business, stay up-to-date on platforms and demands of digital customers.  

In business, future success of your business depends on what you do over any giving 100 days.  Let June 26th become day one for a successful second half of 2016.

Working in small group, camp attendees will:

  • Learn about new apps and platforms
  • Participate in interactive demonstrations
  • Discover how to build targeted following
  • Turn following into lifetime customers

Space is limited.  Register today. Come ready to implement social media and marketing strategies to discover and turn followers into lifetime customers.

Speaker: Yalanda P Lattimore
Superblogger, editor, and author.

Location: Tuoia, 6786 Broad Street, Douglasville, GA

Date and Time: June 26th, 10AM to 1PM 

Includes: Breakfast & eBooks

Price: $54 

*Shipping address requested for customer maintenance.  May receive camp reminder. 

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