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27 Answers Buzz It 6pk

27 Answers Buzz It 6pk


  • $ 15.27

Introducing the 27Answers Rock It 6pk - on sale for limited time for only $15.27. Download and use best practices of #superblogger Yalanda P Lattimore to create buzz.

Bundle Includes:

  • 27Answers to Rock Social Media
    You are your media. Use to pick perfect platform to create buzz for your business
  • 27Answers to Rock Blogging
    Blogging changed the game for individuals and brands. Your blog is your community and a great way to pull customers into an intimate space to close the deal
  • 27Answers to Become a Household name
    Top anwers about what it takes to become household name with strategy and tips that work
  • 27Answers to Grow Your Business
  • Download best practices of a superblogger to change your game over night.
  • 27Answers to Rock Networking Events
    Make your next networking your best networking with best practices to use before, during, and after networking events
  • 27Answers to Rock Hashtags
    Hashtags are the best things since slice bread. Serve up content about your business just the way you want by creating your own search results and get found more often with your very own hashtag.  More memorable than domain names, emails, etc. 

This 6pk will get you buzzing about your business in no time.  Download today.


*Product delivered digitally.  Address requested for customer management. Thanks

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