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27Answers to Turn Followers into Customers from SuperBlogger DryerBuzz | Listen and Learn

Posted by Yalanda Lattimore on

#27Answers -- At end of day, the best analytics are new customers. Likes and followers are great, but conversions are priceless.  Lifetime customers are the best endorsements a business can achieve. After all, you're not a business without customers.

In this episode of 27Answers, hear the story of how I found my customer base by developing products to monetize blogging where traditional branding relationship did not fit.

Realizing potential for a three tier customer base, free to convenient to premium, led to the development of as an answer platform. The site and material alone got me into the minor leagues. But finding the right price and packaging scored scored with premium customers well enough to get into the majors.

Find your following and turn them into lifetime customers with 27Answers to Turn Followers into Customers.

Download and use best practices of a superblogger with books from conveniently available in 4 and 6 packs to use social media for business.


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