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27Answers | Questions to ask potential customers to make more money

Posted by Yalanda Lattimore on

#27Answers - I hate drive-thrus. What started as solution customers desire for convenience probably cost businesses more of their bottom line than it's worth. Only a select few establishments get it right.

Food trucks and drive-thru. That's where businesses lose me because of the disconnect and that dreaded question interrupting my every thought -- does that complete your order? Why are you busy? Too busy to offer me an upsell, complimentary item, or anninventstion to try dine-in? Too busy to let me complete my order? 

I would probably order more if we went back to this being about me and my convenience. But somewhere service and customers got lost. Was this new disconnect an over correction? 

Too often we fix what's not broken. Or, businesses over correct going from one extreme to another. Why? Because we don't ask the right questions. What's your question?

In every business in every industry, there's  one question to identify and connect to your perfect customer. At Breakfast with DryerBuzz, our monthly business leadership breakfast with, we start every morning asking our perfect question.

In place of an elevator speech, each business owner poses their perfect question. Everyone in the room then realize that business owner has the answer to proposed question. Whomever needs that answer is often seen making a bee line to that person when given the chance. We also discuss and help business owners fine tune their questions, making sure question attracts their perfect customers.

The wrong customer can become your worst nightmare. The customer is not always right can be mislead when you're not specific about your business goals, services, and products.

When I first published 27Answers to Create Buzz, the price point and marketing attracted the wrong customers. By perfecting the question to attract who needed the answers and would implement them, found my perfect customer st the right price. No more undermining my business model and no need to correct or over correct.

Are you ready now to implement best practices to market your business? Now being the operative word. Not weeks from now. Not months from now. Now next year. My services are for those ready to implement marketing strategies now. Launch their website now. Launch social media strategies now. Send press releases today. Schedule media interviews now today and not later. 

The right question keeps my roster of customers filled with doers getting results -- now.

What's your question? 

First and foremost, your question when answered should lead to a sale. Your question should serve as an introduction to your product. Not subliminally, but actually and literally. Immediately when asked, the customer will know if your question serves as a solution for them or someone they know. When asked appropriately, connection will happen. Stop selling when sold and go for the close. 

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