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27Answers | Your elevator speech is now your second introduction - don't disappoint

Posted by Yalanda Lattimore on

27Answers -- When using social media for business, it's important to know that sharing our elevator speech when networking now becomes our second introduction and impression.  The first impression was made via social media -- when done right.  

Have you noticed more and more that people are familiar with us before we actually meet for the first time.  Therefore, it's time to take the elevator speech up a notch -- or rather up a few more floors. 

Our website, social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and others communicate who we are 24/7.  If we are live stream, then best believe people know more about us than we think -- and feel more personally connected.

Get comfortable. Using social media for business, when walking into rooms, notice heads turn towards us.  Smiles become bigger and brighter. People want to pick up where we left off?  But where did we leave off? 

We left off at the last tweet, update, or live stream.  The last time or place of engagement with us. Followers are still in that moment -- on pause.  Our new elevator pitch now has to meet or exceed expectation of the follower, fan, or customer. We have to represent everything our profiles say we are -- in real life.

So imagine if we never have to introduce ourselves again. Using social media for business, our profiles got us covered. No?

If you find yourself still starting at square one with basic introductions and elevator speeches, let 27Answers take you to the top. Download one of our DIY kits below or purchase 27Answers consulting to fix your social media.

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